I'm a dutch architectural photographer. Although started out as an interior photographer, i more and more became interested in telling the whole story of a building, thus also shooting its exterior and place in its surroundings.

As long as i can remember, i was always lugging around at least one camera and taking pictures of everything that caught my eye. Given my love for amazing and innovative architecture, it was a logical decision to make this my field of work. You can imagine, the choice of trying to make a living out of my love and passion for taking pictures wasn't really a hard one.

My approach is described best as to create very natural looking images and more of an everyday, though striking view of the architecture. I try to capture places and spaces, in a way most people would encounter them in everyday life. There's also a documentary aspect to it. The way people interact with a building or space, how spaces are connected to each other, their purpose and how a building is situated in its surroundings. Does it blend in or on the contrary, does it stand out?